A little video that could…

5 Dec

I’m amazed on which videos gain traction on Youtube. At the time of this posting my most viewed video is the virtual choir project I did for Seattle Children’s Chorus in early 2021 with 23K views. The 2nd most was ‘Goodness of God’ for Community Christian Fellowship at 5K views.

This video ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus / I Surrender All’ I did with Melanie and Evan back in late 2020 was one of the several virtual worship videos we did when a lot of churches were not meeting in person and services where pre-recorded or streamed live online. I had reposted many of the combined videos as individual songs. Some of them have newer mixes from the original postings, but this one seems to be gaining views at 1.4k views. I’m ever grateful for the response this little known Youtube channel gets. Blessings to you all.